About Mastiffs

History of the American Mastiff

The American Mastiff dog is an exciting new breed envisioned and developed by Fredericka Wagner of Flying W Farms.  The breed name is Trademarked and can only be applied to those dogs tracing to the FLYING W FARMS original line.  The breed was developed though blending English Mastiff with Anatolian.  The American Mastiff looks identical to the English mastiff in color, shape, size, etc. however, they have a much dryer mouth due to outcross early on in the history of the breed. They are very much the "gentle giant."

The American Mastiff requires little exercise.  They grow so quickly and their bones develop so rapidly that they spend a lot of time sleeping.  They will wake up, play for a few minutes and then they are asleep again.  As they grow older they can exercise more and when full grown they will go for long walks with you but they are not up for jogging.  Most people keep their mastiffs in the house letting them out to go to the bathroom and play in the yard for a while and then bringing them back in. They are calm and quiet in the house and referred to as "living rugs".  Therefore, though large, they make an ideal house pet.  The American Mastiff does well in a wide range of environments, from an apartment with walks in the park, to a farm or a home with a big yard.  They love their human family, especially the children.  Wise, kind and gentle, they are patient, forgiving and understanding.  They are protective but not aggressive at all.

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