Sirius RubyAndEmma Puppies Jewel Brutus and Ruby Jewel 9 weeks Brutus Abby with Brutus and Ruby Brutus and Ruby 2 ruby08 christmas2005 01111 moon & pearl10 copy Ruby and pups June 2009 Brutus9yrs Emerald 17 mo Emerald/Emma 17 moa emma sirius Jewel19mo jewel19moa sirius what a face sirius takes a bow sirius checking out smells Emma Ruby's puppy Moon4 yrs moon jewel Bonnie Outside Closeup Bonnie Outside Sitting Bonnie - Front of House Sitting CNES.BONNIE. HOLIDAY.2008 IMG00095 bonnie on patio Bandit 126 Bandit 133 Chowin' on a bone Daisy closeup daisy on floor DSCF2311 DSCF2315 Freedom 3 mo012 Freedom 3 mo 016 no idea so sort 183 no idea so sort 186 12wks3 12wks Untitled-5 Untitled-7 SIRIUS Picture 288 Picture 309 Picture 367 finn Finn-and-snow Finnegan finn-exploring Danielle-and-finn 2 days old copy

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