We are AMBer Pines Farm and I Sandy Berger am a dedicated breeder of the amazing American Mastiff and American Mastidoodle and located in South Eastern Michigan. 
AMBer Pines Farm is a Preferred Breeder and my dogs are registered with the Continental Kennel Club and are direct blood lines from the original breed creator, Fredericka Wagner of Flying W Farms. My goal is to protect this wonderful breed and I only sell puppies to families that are deserving of such a loving and loyal dog. I owned my first American Mastiff in 2000, his name was Brutus and was so impressed by the laid back, loyal and attentive puppy he was I knew I would never own a different breed. A year later we adopted Ruby, and although I never intended to become a breeder I whelped my first litter in 2003. I work closely with my new puppy owners and those interested in a new puppy. You can email me with questions you may have by visiting my contact page.  I would rather you inquire about the breed to help insure this is a breed for you.

The American Mastiff is a giant breed and has different needs then a smaller breed. Some things to consider is training commitment for your new pup. I recommend training to include puppy, intermediate and good citizenship. Many of my pups have gone on to be therapy for the elderly and children alike. Your puppy wants to be with you as they thrive on being a member of your family, sleeping and playing along with you. Your puppy also has nutritional needs different from a smaller breed as they grow at an incredible rate from 4-9 months. They grow tall for 25 months and bulk up in their third year, you will need to secure a vet who is familiar with the giant breeds. Also consider their size as a tiny apartment wouldn’t be a good setting for them. They are not as active as a smaller breed but they do love to run and play. If you have small children then a pup would be fine but attention to their training on how to behave around little ones is recommended. Although not intentional they could bump and knock over a little one. 

I also developed and breed the American Mastidoodle which is a cross from the purebred American Mastiff and purebred Standard Poodle. My hopes were to create a very health cross that would be smart, energetic and extremely healthy. I also hope my AMD's would live several years longer and some seem to be hypoallergenic.

AMBer Pines Farms also has a Facebook group where my families post pictures and ask questions, it is a closed group so send a friend request for AMBer Pines Farm Group. I also post litter announcements there. The American Mastiff has an open Facebook group also called American Mastiff Family, please come and visit us there.