Barb Peffers has Charlie, she is 25 inches  tall 62 pounds built like mastiff drags he feet like one also very little  drooling  has hair in ears like poodle  so they need  to be plucked  her coat is soft and wavy like poodles  no shedding webbed feet like poodle her personality  is sweet loving  very happy and out going  she has to say hi to everyone  she meets but is also very laid back but will become  very protective  if someone  comes  near the house she has the mastiff  bark low and deep she has trained  as easy as the poodles  never own mastiff  before  so don't know how well they train housebroken  in less then a week  she is a dish towel  thief steals them right out of sink to tote around teething  went better  then expected  only a few baseboards  have teeth Mark's I breed standard poodles so all and all her personality  is very much like a standard poodle thank gawd because  I've had other  large breeds  that have destroyed everything  they could  get their teeth  on  loving every minute  with our goofy sweet  loving  Girl

Betty is owned by Barbara and is 24 inches tall and is weighing in at 54 pounds. She is a total sweet heart! Loves her family! Does not want anyone by her house! She has an excellent sounding bark, which I love. Her protectiveness definitely reminds me of the American mastiff. She also has webbed feet. She loves to run! She is very smart!!! Was potty trained very easily and quickly. She’s a jumper and that comes from the poodle side for sure. She loves to chew on her toys, has never chewed on something she wasn’t suppose too. She loves her belly rubbed, will stop whatever she’s doing if you start to rub her belly.

She does not shed or drool at all.  She loves to ride in the car! She’s an excellent dog!! We love her so much!!!!

Ross Beverley has Chewie, he is 27 inches tall and right at 72 lbs. Drags his feet like a Mastiff, jumps and pounces like a poodle. Has the softest coat ever. Absolutely no drool whatsoever. Maybe a very little when excited with food like popcorn. He was the easiest dog I ever owned to potty train and within a month of being home he was sleeping the entire night without needing a bathroom run. He is developing a very deep throated bark but still gets the little annoying puppy bark when playing with another dog and not getting his way. One thing we have noticed is that his nose is constantly running and he seems to itch quite a bit. We had some issues with meds early on but this is a constant thing and not from grooming so not sure if its environmental since he has done in Florida and Virginia or food related.  These things are hard to pinpoint especially the food portion and rarely do dogs exhibit food allergies within the first year but we have a few ideas we are gonna proceed with. He is by far the easiest traveling dog ever. We drove from Michigan to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach and from there to Florida and from Florida back to Virginia some 12 hours and not once has he ever thrown up and for the most part just lays and sleeps. It is truly the perfect breed having the intelligence of the poodle and the Mastiff tendencies we all have grown to love. I wish his affection was more to my previous AM but he seems to be more of a morning and late evening type with regards to that.  The only thing that gets me is his case of the zoomies where he just wants to run buck wild and not listen at all and that usually is only outside and between 10-11PM when we let him out before bed. He is also extremely lazy as he wants to sit and eat. He was laying and eating until we elevated his bowl and he still tries to eat his entire meal in 30 secs so we got a slow feeder where he has to work in the maze to get his food out but he has mastered that as well. I honestly have nothing but praise for this breed and for those on the fence thinking about it, I hope this helps.  For us, it was a personal decision as we loved the AM but his 240 lbs at the end of his life took a toll on us and our medical conditions so this was a compromise. I am hoping for 90-120 lb dog but based on everything avail online, given the fact he is just over 70 now most likely means 140 ish in the end..His coat has remained black with a couple of little spots that appear to have a little gray in it. And most of all, he absolutely positively loves people. He will not hesitate to approach anyone..Just hope I can get him out more sooner than later but my wife is recovering from a major surgery so not totally in the cards just yet.

It was late when I type this but one thing I forgot to mention on Chewie is his desire to be part of any activity in the kitchen. If he is in a coma in deep sleep and you just open the fridge, he is Johnny on the spot. You open the silverware drawer, he is there. You have anything to do with food, he is there. He will just sit and stare at you and I believe he would do this for hours. He is easily food motivated. One thing which is extremely important is my mother is extremely allergic to dogs. When she visits my brother who has 2 AM's and when we had ours, she required numerous Benadryl per day to just get by. With Chewie, she is completely ok and does not itch constantly so if you are allergic, this is a good alternative and I would say for sure hypoallergenic.

oh crap I forgot the ice maker. Every single time you get ice, he comes a running...

Jaxx is owned by Marc and Deanna Towne and is almost 70 pounds and is built like a mastiff!  He has tiny spurts of energy followed by a need for a long nap.  He’s a super sweet puppy who just likes to be loved and hang with his family.  He doesn’t drool at all which is amazing and has been really healthy overall.  He also had a bad reaction to his rabies shot and was sick for a few days but otherwise has been great!!  Best temperament I have ever seen from a dog and our trainer describes him as the laziest puppy she has ever encountered!!

Told in 3 parts by owner Julee Whalin. Sorry this has taken me so long but it is her 6 month bday today! Okay So Ladys Ley B. Is somewhere between 62-68 lbs I think she’s 25-26 inches tall. Sorry I just have no reason to bring her to the vet right now she’s all caught up - I waited to get her Rabies and I made them give her a Benadryl before. She is on a Seresto collar for fleas and ticks. How do I describe her - she a very sweet monster that likes to challenge me and get away with things. She plays all day and she’s always with me when I'm not at work. Yes she loves food that goes without saying - as far as training I don't let her even look at me when I'm eating and if she cant handle it or counter surfs she is escorted to crate town which she enjoys now. She well frankly folks she’s a busy body. You cant go anywhere without her listening in stopping to see or otherwise intruding or introducing herself. She says HI the everyone and is so happy  that sometimes her shake-butt gets there before she does. She is super protective of the house and has a nice guttural warning growl to lightning bugs, hood cats and even the occasional pit bull perp that likes to try to come see how the monster lives. We call her the "gentrifier". So she looks like an expensive stuffed animal/monster which is amazing to me because well thats what I'm into. See for yourself. (Monster paws inset) Looks like a gorilla costume.

Part two: the diva. Basically only her dad can sit up front because he can handle her girthy beastness. Otherwise it’s backseat for all.

Part three: Lays in dirt to cool off seems like a good idea. Can I add that Lādys has come out of her shell so much she introduces herself to everyone.  She’s passing out handshakes all the time.

Roxie belongs to Sarah Foreman, she is 53 lbs and about 23 inches tall.  Her hair is coarse and wavy and has been turning gray throughout like a wolf.  She looks like an Irish Wolfhound, not at all like any of her siblings (or like a mastiff or poodle). She does not drool. She is very smart and confident.

She sheds a bit. But have not had to have her groomed (like I did my former golden doodle). Roxie loves the water and always wants to carry a stick in her mouth when we go for walks.

I kept Cercei and hope to add her to my breeding program, she is 29 inches tall and 108 pounds, she has both traits of the mastiff and the poodle. Her coat is wavy and very soft, she does not drool or shed. She is energetic and playful, kind of a clown but she can be stubborn when she doesn't want to do something, I believe this is a mastiff trait.


*Forewarning, this is long so read at your own discretion lol*
   This doggo right here, "Mr." Niles, formally "Mr. Green" of the 2023 American Mastidoodle litter... Just wow... It's pretty hard to put into words how lucky and greatful we feel having him as apart of our family..
  When our senior Great Dane unexpectedly passed away last summer (who was in excellent health but suffered a sudden heart issue), we were completely devastated.. After a few weeks I felt I needed another Dane in my life, but my husband [who honestly is not a big "dog person" though adores them all] asked if we could look into getting a Standard Poodle or mix as he felt it could be the most beneficial addition to our family with having two young children, one autistic and one with severe ADHD [like his Momma- me 🤦‍♀️], and perhaps get another Dane when their older, so since I feel it's important to make compromises I started searching and waiting for the "right pup" to call out to me..
  When I came across the ad for "American Mastidoodle puppies", I was curious so I clicked on it and immediately felt like one of the pups, "Mr. Green", was meant to be ours.. But it took another week or so before my husband agreed to give it a shot, thank the heavens he was still available, and the result was more than we could've imagined..

  With "Mr. Green", whom we named Niles, already being over 3 months old training came quickly and perhaps even unnaturally easy.. Honestly, as a professional dog trainer and groomer for around 12 years, I'd never experienced ANY dog or puppy, in the literal THOUSANDS Ive worked with of every breed imaginable, learn as quickly and efficiently as he did.. And in ways we didn't anticipate- he's learned how to find and bring us our TV remotes, kids shoes/coats, random items we're looking for he seems to get and finds them and brings them to us- he truly should have been a service dog...

   Which is why he is becoming a certified ASD [autism spectrum disorder] service dog, as he alerts us anytime the kids could be potentially getting into danger/trying to escape and will bark until we can get there (he generally does not bark much so it causes alarm when he does), and will even use his body to herd them where they should be and shield them from escaping if he even *thinks* they could, all while being so calm, kind and gentle that it doesn't even seem like real life- its like something out of a movie watching him "work"... 
      Because of Niles intelligence, sensitivity and intuition, he is nearly totally certified and only has one more test to complete, and it will have cost us $350 for his official certification as he has demonstrated [and I'm confident will continue to for the last test] that he has what it takes to be a true service dog...
   Most dogs do not even start actual testing to be a legitimate, registered service dog until 18-36 months, so Niles about to complete it with flying colors at 12/13 months old is a very serious testament to how incredible he is and how incredibly lucky we are to have him..

  We had almost purchased a service dog for our kid(s), but it was going to cost about 25k.. So we looked into training our own to be certified which would be around 7-9k minimum not including the price of a dog/puppy and all that comes along with it... So we gave up on that idea and just wanted the perfect addition to our family but holy crap- we didn't realize we'd hit the jackpot, quite literally in our eyes..

   Honestly we had just been hopeful for a good natured/tempered family member- and that's what he is and will always be, but he gave us a gift we didn't expect by being everything we wanted and needed to even help our children thrive.. He truly could not be more perfect..

  Sometimes I joke his name should be Elmer because he sticks to me like glue, even more of a "velcro dog" than any dog I've ever had (and we thought our Dane was bad with it- he was even worse than our pitties and collies and Shelties I was raised with over the years but Niles puts them to shame- I cant even open the fridge without him under my arms watching what I'm doing lol)- but the moment he seems to hear an odd sound or I guess get any "uneasy" feelings, he off checking on our kiddos... And as a SAHM and my husband working from home to help with the kiddos, they really are not out of our sight much- but if they are Niles just somehow "knows" when he's needed to watch out for them...

   Niles has blown away any expectation I have had from any of my pets.. He's not just a "normal dog/pet", and he somehow reached a plain that goes beyond even being a "normal furry family member".. Our Dane, my big boy who went through so much with me, was absolutely incredible with our kids. He was 3 when our first was born and immediately became protective and loving of his little humans.. But Niles takes it to a different level..

  Although I still want another Dane in the future, instead of 2 Danes (as Im a 2-dog kind of person and our Frenchie was a very fluke rescue to save her life), I really think we may always need a American Mastiff or American Mastidoodle in our lives as well... I mean, I understand Niles may be a "once in a lifetime dog"- but arnt they all in their own waysjQuery21404009246775117673_1716059308885 And clearly this particular mix- I've worked with enough incredible poodles to know while their intelligence plays a huge role, a lot of his behavior has to also do with his mastiff side (and the Anatolian Shepherd and English Mastiff cross to make the American Mastiff- *Muah*, chefs kiss, such a perfect cross on its own), that I know this is a breed I want throughout my life as well... Guess I'll be an American Mastiff/doodle and Great Dane person and I'm beyond happy with it lol...
  But truly.. I can't thank Sandy/AMBer Pines enough for this absolutely perfect family member that they allowed to be apart of our family... We are so greatful and every day it's like our minds are blown even more at just how absoloutly perfect he is for us and our entire family ❤️


We have one! We adopted Theo, Mr. Blue,  from Sandy! He is the most well mannered dog and has such a sweet disposition! Honestly 99% human! We live at a big camp that serves children and adults with disabilities. He has had some training and is allowed to be around campers. He sticks to me like glue! Elmer would’ve been a great name! 😂 He’s the sweetest thing! This is him standing right beside me looking so cute as usual!🖤

Murphy (mr tan summer 2019 litter) says hello cousin !! ❤️🐾
We ❤️ AMBer Pines!